Christina Kelley Weiss

Product management consultant & coach

Self-employment in Austria

A step-by-step guide for non-German speakers

As a self-employed American living in Vienna, Austria, I know all too well how complicated and frustrating the bureaucracy in this country can be, especially if you are newly arrived or you don’t speak German – and getting started with self-employment is no different.

Having experienced the challenges myself, my goal is to support other newcomers and expats in Austria by working to demystify some of these bureaucratic processes. To start, check out my guide to becoming self-employed in Austria!

This step-by-step guide, in English, will walk you through all of the steps of becoming self-employed, including:

  • figuring out the type of business you need to found,
  • registering for a business license,
  • getting health insurance, and
  • registering with the tax authority,
  • plus additional resources & helpful tips.

This guide has helped many people set up their businesses and start their self-employment work in days instead of weeks. If you’re looking to start your own business, here’s how to do it!

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